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PVR fails to record show

Question asked by aldrimus on Sep 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2013 by macdoro

I'm now in the double digits for recordings that have skipped in series on my new HD please, really tired of paying a rent-to-own fee on something that doesn't work.


The following do NOT correct this issue at all:

- powercycling

- unplugging/plugging back in cable

- deleting the series recording and setting it up again

- putting the series higher priority

- removing other series recordings

- doing any and all of the above in any order combination


It just randomly chooses not to record something - somehow the show just won't appear in the future recordings, so unless I manually remember to go in and program my shows each week, they are only about 50/50 to record, if that.


At this point... I am requesting 2 things.

1. Please fix this.

2. As the reason I am paying a rent to own fee on this box is for the higher capacity PVR (I already had one but was low capacity) and it's been defective since the day I got it, I am asking that you refund me my monthly fee for the months up to now. This seems fair to me, seeing as I am providing free beta testing services for this defective device, and it has inconvenienced me over a dozen times now.