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Blocking irrelevant blog comments

Question asked by andersontg on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

Hi, I've set up a couple of blogs (one dealing with duplicate bridge and the other with pension questions).


I get irrelevant comments on blog postings that fall into three categories:


(a) wildly extravagant compliments about how useful the blog information is which indicate the poster never actually read the blog,


(b) "comments" that just repeat the blog information,


(c) comments that have nothing whatever to do with the blog information.


These come in waves.  Weeks go by with nothing, and then there might be a few days where 10 to 15 comments are posted.


I have very low traffic on my blogs, so these are instantly noticeable.  But I can imagine that for high traffic blogs, they might get overlooked.


I'm not sure why this is being done.  One feeling I have is that it somehow is designed to promote other websites (bump up how they appear on searches for example, because of the number of links they have).  One comment was posted by a site that evaluates various sites where you can purchase term papers.  A number of comments were, if I recall correctly, seemed to related to sites that sell carpets.


It's a pain to have to remove these one at a time.


Is there a way to block these automatically?  Or is the only option to set up the blog so that any comments have to be approved in advance?  If the approval process is the only way to go, how do you set that up?


Thanks for any help on this.