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Remote 1056B03 power doesn't work with "CBL" button

Question asked by frowiejones on Sep 16, 2013
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Just replaced my DCX3510 with a new unit.  Got it activated and linked to my TV.  Even went through steps to program the "Master Power" sequence. To be honest I didn't notice if this was working prior to me setting up the remote but the "CBL" button refuses to work with the "Power" button.  I can press "TV" and use "PWR" to turn on my tv.  When I press "CBL" and hit the "PWR" button there's no response from the "CBL" button; it does not light up.  I have to manually turn on the set-top box from the front panel of the box.  Once it's turned on all the other buttons on the remote work and I'm able to control the set-top box and navigate through the menus without a problem.  If I try to use the "PWR" button with the "CBL" button I get no light - I'm unable to power the cable box ON/OFF using the remote.

Appreciate any help with this.  I can't find anything on this issue anywhere.