Problem after problem...

Discussion created by wren on Sep 17, 2013
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We recently bought a shaw pvr, switching from TiVo to enable access to the digital channels. What a mistake. The Shaw pvr is riddled with bugs. > volume button on remote stops working periodically. > frozen Menu button--- no way to access recorded program's without rebooting. > programs recorded with no sound. > programs stop recording (usually, infuriatingly, just before the end of a show), then recorded portion disappears from the menu. > ....and there's no way to retrieve "trash" or items accidentally or spontaneously deleted. > programs set to record "new" episodes don't do so. > programs set to record all episodes don't do so. > when you delete a program from the menu, it boots you out to live tv at 10x the decibel level instead of letting you carry on in the menu. > menu or guide or info won't shut off (exit) properly, leaving part of the window frozen over top of a program do that the pvr needs to be rebooted (usually cancelling whatever is recording at the time) I can't express how disappointed I am with this half-baked software, evidently released without any beta testing.  I'm so frustrated that I'm thinking of reinstalling my TiVo and enjoying good function with fewer channels instead of no function with many channels. Don't really know what to do support - wise because the behaviour of this machine is so erratic and flakey.