Misled in the phone trial offer

Discussion created by dwaveyca on Sep 19, 2013
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I received a call from Shaw offering me a free PVR to try Shaw Phone for 1 month; if I didn't want to keep the phone after the 1 month trial I could cancel but still keep the PVR.  Sounded like a good deal - get a free PVR for trying the phone and get to keep the PVR even if I didn't keep the phone.  When the CSR first offered me the Motorola 3510 I declined because I already own one of those pieces of shiquipment.  But when she said she could substitute a 3400, I accepted the offer.  When the tech came a week later to install the phone and 3400, I learned that the digital box was actually a 'free lifetime rental for as long as I subscribed to Shaw Cable'.  After some advice in this forum, I checked my bill to confirm that the box was indeed a 'free rental'.  Since I subscribe to Personal TV and Best of HD (in addition to Movie Channel, Super Channel, Discovery World and Internet 10), it would seem that the 'free rental' is an included feature of my bundle that I wasn't using as I own my equipment.


So in the end, I was led into trying the phone for a month using something I was paying for anyway.  Which leads me to notify Shaw that I don't want the phone, please schedule a time to come and pick up the phone modem.