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Question asked by dccv44 on Sep 21, 2013
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I hope this is the appropriate section for the question.


I've been looking to upgrade to one of the Shaw bundles but noticed that the offers on the web site requires a 24 month service contract.  I have a couple of question about that:


1.  On the bundle page, it said "24 month service agreement applies ^", but looking at the symbols legend at the bottom of the page there is no details available for the "^" symbol.  Can you point me to a copy of the service agreement?


2.  The support document seems to indicate that a service contract is not necessary but all the offers shown on the bundle page required a service agreement.  Can you tell me the options and pricing for bundles that do not require a contract?


Lastly when I chatted with a Shaw rep through Shaw concierge a few days ago, he said that there is no discount on the bundle pricing if I bought the hardware.  However a message in this thread seems to  indicate that there is a $10 discount for owning the hardware.  Can you please clarify?