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COST -Basic Cable with High Speed 10 Internet

Question asked by eye on Sep 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by [shaw]ali

Hello I have a friend moving from Toronto to the Burnaby / Coquitlam BC area. She only wants a bundle of Basic Cable with High Speed 10 Internet. She wants no phone service and no upgrades to Basic Cable and High Speed 10 Internet, please.  


She only has a SD TV and I will give her one of my old DCT2000 boxes. Also is GLOBAL BC NEWS 1 included in Basic? She wants that channel.


I need to find out the price for her. Your website really is stupid because I can’t find the price for basic service. Please be kind enough and tell me the price for the above service. Kindly tell me an intro price along with   the regular price once the intro offer expires. Basic with HS10 Internet – nothing else.


Also why is the package I have - not on your website? I have the basic + 4 tier TV with HS 7.5. She might be interested in that but it’s not advertised on your site. Please she does not want any of the theme packs.


Thank you kindly in advance…