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Motorola DCT6400 HD PVR

Question asked by dwbraun on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by dwbraun

We have a Motorola HD PVR model DCT6400 with a hard drive expander. In the past we have had issues with recorded programs showing all kinds of pixilation. We recorded a number of new season shows last evening and tried watching them this evening. When we tried to watch the shows on playback this evening, all three would freeze intermittently at random locations for a few seconds to minutes. The PVR response would lag as well often taking minutes to stop, pause, FFWD etc. We then tried to watch a movie we had previously recorded and the same thing happened. While we tried to watch our previously recorded programs, we had recorded Jeopardy this evening as well. On play back the same thing happened. Different shows, different channels and different days, same things. We have had minor issues in the past but nothing like this. Also, the screen on the PVR display freezes at the same time as the videos. Suggestions?