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Restricted Shaw phone outlets!

Question asked by aledin on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by schallis

I have been a Shaw Subscriber for more yrs than I can remember and in general I am satisfied with the overall service. I recently move to a highrise and transferred my full package. I can only get phone service in two rooms, none in master b/room or hallway as apparently BIG BAD TELUS are in control of the wiring and wont allow SHAW access to the distribution box locations? I only pay the basic for the phone but it is extremely annoying not having telephone service where it is very important,

Q. Do I dump Shaw phone service which to me in my new location is NOT BUNDLE Price will change and TELUS are more expensive to sign up for one service or do I DUMP SHAW TOTALLY and give TELUS the "BUNDLE" benefit. CHEAPEST OPTION please for a Senior Citizen!

Thanks for any suggestions.