Grrr, so ticked off right now!

Discussion created by gamerguy on Sep 26, 2013
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I had a fairly lengthy post typed up about an issue I had last night but there was an error when I tried to post. There was no way to retrieve what I had typed and I had not made a copy before trying, not expecting an issue. *Ctrl-C* (<- That's "copy" in case someone didn't know. My way of making a point...)


Other forums I use all seem to have an "auto-save" feature and when stuff like this happens you can retrieve the last auto-save usually retrieving most of if not all of what you had typed. *Ctrl-C*


Can you please add such a feature? *Ctrl-C*


The gist of the issue was of the 2 "new" episodes of 'Hatfields and Mccoys White Lightning' one was an episode of Pawn Stars. 'The Double Agent' was the Pawn Stars episode, twice. (I tried recording it again today but same deal.) *Ctrl-C*


/venting request


Thank you.




I fail. Used the wrong keyboard shortcut. Fixed.