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Motorola 6416 PVR Series Issue

Question asked by jnkyrd on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2013 by [shaw]ali

I have a Motorola 6416 PVR.  Series recordings have never been a problem until recently.  Starting about 2 weeks ago it seems that it cannot distinguish between new and repeat episodes.


For example, I have Doyle set up as a series (this channel only and NEW episodes only, save until space needed).  CBC ran a batch of them for about a 2 week period a few days ago.  The description did not indicate either NEW or REPEAT.  They are repeats as the new season has yet to start.  They recorded.  Same thing with Murdoch


So the question is – is it a problem with the guide that Shaw is using or is it a problem with the firmware that might have been changed recently?


I hope this gets fixed as I am not looking forward to have to search for and cancel individual recordings.


Oh, and another quirk showed up about 6 weeks ago (this latest issue brought it to mind).  I was recording Saving Hope as a series.  I cancelled 1 episode and manually reset it to a later time to avoid a conflict.  Apparently it cancelled all succeeding episodes even though it still showed as a series recording.  I had to delete and reset the series to fix it after having missed 1 episode (no biggie but nonetheless annoying).