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An unexpected error has occurred!

Question asked by internaut on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2013 by [shaw]heather
  1. I routinely returned to the Shaw site to disable Shaw's spyware.
  2. Saw there were messages. Clicked on "Inbox [21]"
  3. I get "An unexpected error has occurred."

On a 1 to 5 scale where 1 is low and 5 is high - I give that a -1


Thanks a lot Shaw for... (cynically)

  • Taking time away from me again, and again, and again to Stop Shaw from interfering with my privacy on the Internet.
  • deleting my access to email
  • changing anti-spam settings.
  • turning the TV in to a mesmerizing pixel psychedelic trip - but I prefer choose my program.
  • for freezing video/audio long enough make viewing a trial, not a pleasure.
  • for charging more and cutting service.
  • loosing my account paperwork.
  • for charging me $60.00 for 7.5 mbps and others $60.00 for 25 and Shaw tells me it's a deal.
  • for the extra outlets I don't have
  • still providing "up 7.5 but provides" Well, it does say "up to" and that is zero and up to a max of 7.5. Zero? Yes, and it's been there a number of times) and on a good day, hovers between time out and 3 - 5 mbps. Woohoo!
  • for the confabulated explanations.


Should it be up to me to keep checking to see if or when access will be returned, or up to Shaw to announce via email that it is returned?


I know very little about it, but if I set up a VPN, and use that, will it keep Shaw out of my browser and stop forced DNS services intervention to my browsers?


PLEASE! Do not reply via private mail. NOTE: Shaw either blocked me, have a problem or are unaware and will get to it - eventually, but must first work on rate increases for less service. Almost 20 years with Shaw and the prices go up, the services go down, and Shaw has the nerve to run those ads! Any ad for that matter.