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Series recording keeps ALL episodes when I only want 1

Question asked by jonnynish on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2013 by [shaw]ali

Hello, if this is the wrong section to be posting in, please move it elsewhere.


A few problems, but this is the main one:


I have a series recording set up (Global News) to record every day at 6pm.  Since I don't always get to watch it, I only want it to keep the latest episode.  Unfortunately, no matter how I set it up, the damn machine records all the episodes and keeps them all!  Is this a known glitch that is being worked on, or am I doing something wrong?


Other problems:


- When a recording as started (such as Canucks game on Sportsnet), if I watching the game from the beginning while it's still recording, after about 20 seconds, it stops playing and reverts back to the channel I was on before I hit play.


- while watching a program and a programmed recording starts up in the background, the screen gets all pixelated and starts stuttering.  What gives?


I used the HDPVR box with Telus Optik for 3 years and had zero problems with it.  None.  I'd like to give Shaw a chance, but this is a rough start.