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Existing series recording - double recoding set for 1 episode

Question asked by bcb on Sep 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by [shaw]ali

Just noticed a new problem with my 3510, I don't recall ever seeing this one in the past nine months of using it


I have a series recording set for Big Bang Theory, Thursdays, ch15, 8pm

it has been recording without problem for a long time, including last season. Of course the new TV season has just started and luckily last week's season premiere episodes (back to back 2 episodes, on 9/26) recorded successfully


But I just noticed in my scheduled recording list next week's episode on Thu 10/3 is listed twice. ie there are 2 identical scheduled recordings for the same BBT episode on ch 15, each at 8pm. Meanwhile the epIsode the following week 10/10 shows up in the schedule correctly just once.


what gives? Another quirky one/two tuner bug? Perhaps some strange guide related bug, resulting from last week's back to back episodes?


I'm afraid to touch the settings for this series because it has been fine since last year and don't want to mess it up. But the double scheduled recording has me worried something will go wrong next week when it comes time.


I have around a dozen series recordings set and looking through the scheduled recording list I don't see any other single episodes that are scheduled to record twice in he same time slot.  I notice that although last week's Modern Family season opener also had 2 back to back episodes, this coming week's episode is correctly scheduled just once, unlike the double BBT recording set.