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Series Recordings - What a Mess

Question asked by jnkyrd on Sep 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2013 by kwarner2001

This is a followup to my non-answered question titled Motorola 6416 PVR Series Issue

Problem #1


I just set up a series recording for Doyle on CBC (this channel only, new only).  Besides running the new series, it looks like CBC is running old episodes at 1am every day.  Guess what?  Everyone of those repeats is now going to record according to the box.


The same thing happened with Murdoch and The Mentalist.

I noticed that the description of these shows has the date of the episode (e.g. 2012) but does not show as either new or repeat.


Problem #2


On Saturday morning next, a Doyle was scheduled to record at 1:00 am and a Mentalist at 1:36 am.  Canceled a Doyle – looked OK as if the recording was canceled.  Then I canceled the Mentalist repeat and the Doyle program was changed back to being set to record.  Cancel Doyle and the Mentalist is set to record.

There are some serious problems with the guide and the boxes talking to each other.

I know I have an old box but with all the issues with the new ones I am not going to throw my money away.  But since I am paying for the supposed ability of setting up series recordings (which has worked perfectly for the past 5 seasons) I'd like someone to remedy this ASAP.