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TV stuck on channel, no buttons work

Question asked by krissie on Sep 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by sarah_sd

     Our tv /dish stuck on 1 channel, it shows the two grey bars at the top and bottom of which channel were on, it has sound, and picture...just can't change the channel, I've tried to turn it off, unplug for time, it works when i first plug it back in and within 2-4 mins its back stuck on whatever channel its on.....Any ideas on another way to reboot....after its stuck, no buttons on the remote work. but when it does come to life after i unplug, the buttons work until it freezes again...... the green light on the dish box is green and flashes very faintly/quickly when its frozen on that channel, when its not frozen its straight green.

we just have the basic box, just the little green botton on the left side to turn it off and on......