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Question asked by rongosselin on Sep 29, 2013
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I don't know if it is very detrimental, but it sure is very annoying.  I routinely  get a web browser page pop open telling me that my "disk space is low" and to "click here to fix the problem"  (yeah right, like I'm going to do that).  This will happen even if I don't have a web browser running.  All of a sudden my web browser will open up with the silly "disk space is low" web page.  A simple search on the internet reveals numerous recommendations on how to get rid of it, from purchasing their software to have the Trojan removed, to editing the registry (which is beyond my scope of expertise, and something that I don't want to tamper with).


My concern is how come Shaw Secure is not finding this trojan during scans and removing it?  I have run numerous scans, but this trojan is never detected, or removed.  Is this not what anti-virus software is supposed to do?  Find and remove viruses and trojans.


Can someone at Shaw please get the wheels in motion to have Shaw Secure tweeked and updated so that it identifies this trojan and removes it?  Or can someone advise me on how I can get it off of my system without having to purchase a third-party software to have it removed?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.