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ipad2 won't connect/stay connected to home wifi network

Question asked by badderbitch on Sep 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2013 by [shaw]heather

Hello, just last week i obtained my first Ipad . . . woo hoo.  but seriously its a great little gadget,   however It seems to be having an issue with connecting to my home wifi network properly . . .  my networks name comes up in the list of availliable networks so i select it and then it asks me to enter the pass word so i do and then it tells me it cannot connect.  strangely it has connected a couple of times for maybe ten or twenty minutes then all of a sudden its like it gets "kicked off " the network or something . . .? i thought perhaps i needed to enter the other network settings in manually or -?  i'm not sure.  would really appreciate you help,  ty.