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Windows Live Mail - Cannot SEND

Question asked by berniedick on Sep 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by shaw-matt

Windows Live Mail 2011 is unsuccessful sending email , with emails just sitting in the Outbox.


It behaves as though I an connected to the wrong network.  E.g., same as trying to send using Outlook client when connected to another network than my "home network" (the network specified in Outlook).  But in this case I have the outgoing mail server specified correctly as ''.


- I've followed the setup directions in Shaw Community and checked them multiple times.

   Outgoing mail server:

   Logon using clear text - checked

   I've tried "My server requires authentication" 'checked and 'unchecked' (off and on and setup "using same settings as my incoming mail')


- I have internet access.

- Webmail works fine.

This is all using an ASUS RT-N10 wireless router that I have just installed here. It was working on my home net network (using an ADSL modem) and I've just brought it over and installed it on my Mother's Shaw cable modem.

Is there something about the router that needs to be changed to connect to the Shaw server?


Sorry I cannot provide error messages at this time. When I start Live Mail now all \I get is the Send/Receive dialog box "Send 2 messages using Shaw (email id)  Executing."


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Here is an error message  when  "My server requires authentication" = 'unchecked:

Server error: 530

Server Response: 530 authentication required

Server: ''

Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC78

Protocol: SMTP

Port: 587

Secure:(SSL): No ---