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Shaw 'High Speed' internet

Question asked by on Sep 30, 2013
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I Have internet problems that have been persisting for months. Also a PVR that keeps going online - offline as well as failing to record - losing recordings part way through and showing programs as recorded which it didn't record. My internet is slow to the point where I can't use the services of my smart TV and I keep losing connection or freezing when using the computer. This all started after a Shaw 'cherrypicker' was up the pole outside the house which we are connected to. I have mentioned this in several telephone calls.

I have had TWO separate visits by Shaw 'technicians' the first checked the cables and replaced the connecting cable from the wall outlet to the modem and then disconnected the connections to rooms we were not currently using (bedrooms). He also replaced the cable leading to the PVR. The PVR online/offline was explained as a technical issue that was affecting the 'new' PVR's.    The second Guy came out and checked everything again and offered to replace the PVR but said 'I don't think it will make any difference'. He checked the signal strength with his laptop and pronounced it as excellent.  Neither checked anything at the connection to the pole

I have accepted the technical issue which 'Shaw is sorting out' and been patient allowing about six to eight weeks since the last visit. All the problems still persist. 

I have tried Shaw Speed-test which gives excellent speeds but then it's 'SHAW' speed-test. However Ookla gives speeds varying between 2.6 and 3.4 Mps which even seems flattering to me but are substantialy lower then the 10.9 plus that SHAW speed-test gives.

I have invested in Shaw PVR's. I pay over $200 per month for a telephone, cable and internet service which quite frankly I am failing to receive.

I cannot rely on my PVRs to record anything. If I watch a television programme I have to put up with 'your set-top box is offline - online' appearing in the middle of the screen with monotonous regularity and if I call customer 'SERVICE' at whatever time of day I get recordings saying all our customer service representatives are busy due to heavy volume of calls. How many do they have - One?  Has it occurred to anyone that if you were delivering what you purport to sell you wouldn't have customer service issues?


My Question is when is someone going to sort out my problems and deliver what I am paying for??


And some advice for someone in Shaw management.


1. Service suggests you do something for someone. Until you do, stop lying by listing a telephone number under the heading of 'Customer service'.


2. Complaining phone calls are a nuisance,  making phone calls go away by means of obstruction just serves to further alienate you from the people who are paying for your service (sic). The way to eliminate them is by delivering on what the customer is paying for.

    Someone from senior management at Shaw should try making a call to your customer 'service' and experienced what your customers are getting. My guess is it will change.


3. I see ads and messages about buying further Shaw products. Lots of frothy crap about shaw Wi-Fi,  premium TV service etc.

Start delivering on what you have already sold before trying to con people into buying more services which you are not able to deliver.


4. The PVR Fiasco is clear evidence of rushing a product into the marketplace before the 'bugs' were sorted. There was a recorded message stating it was a technical issue about two months back. If it has not been sorted yet, it is time to start replacing those PVR's with ones that work.


5. Telus will be really grateful to you if you carry on as you are going, Shaw's reputation stinks. If a major US company were to come into this market Shaw would likely cease business virtually overnight, you are alienating people who put up with what they are getting. People have long memories!


6. Many businesses believe they are doing a good job and customers are happy because they are not complaining. Just try asking them if they are happy. The result will really open your eyes.


7. I am a customer of some seven years, (maybe not for a lot longer if the current situation persists). If I was starting over would I go with Shaw?.   Would I recommend Shaw? Not a snowballs chance in hell. That's what seven years of Shaw 'service' does to your customers.