Duplicate Recording

Discussion created by clievers on Sep 29, 2013

More and continual issues with the Motorola DCX3510-M.

It's been freezing up more.

Now I go to watch masterchef junior edition and it recorded twice at the same time, 9/27/13 6pm, both on channel 82 HD. One is labelled as Season 5 (1), and one is labelled as Season 1 (1).

These issues better be resolved soon. It's absolutely ridiculous how the problems continue to go on and Shaw won't address them. Well, they address them by responding to a message such as this on the private message channel, and they tell you to power cycle your box, or as I've had a tech or two tell me on support "hmm, weird, it works for me just fine". Shaw is going to continue to lose customers with all these issues with this box.