Sons of Anarchy on FX, missing parts of episodes.

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So after reading another members post concerning SoA I decided I should really start watching this series. Seeing I have the first 41 episodes on my PVR. (42 after tonight's episode. I watched 39 episodes since Friday)


Most of them were recorded on marathon runs in months past.


Most episodes worked as intended, but a few would end before the dialogue was even complete in the current scene. Now, thankfully for the episodes recorded during marathons, I was able to salvage the missing endings at the beginning of the new recordings. Unfortunately with season 4, the newest on FX, I missed a chunk of "Out", a large chunk apparently. When I went to watch "Booster", recorded a week later, the "previously on SoA" part had a few things scratching my head. I'm not sure how much of "Out" is missing, but I do not recognize several scenes that were apparently in the missing parts. Makes me think I missed a fair chunk, even though the show started right at the beginning of the recording, and recorded for 1 hour and 1 minute.


I don't want to watch "Booster" because I am missing something, something important by my impression based on the "previously on SoA" part. So now I have to wait for these episodes to re-air before I can watch the rest of season 4. (Only 3, 4 tonight episodes in.)


I have since extended recordings of the series by 15 minutes in an attempt to "fix" this issue for myself.


If Shaw could look into this I'd much appreciate it. (Seems station side rather than Shaw side but just an assumption on my part.) I wasn't going to mention it until I saw the newest episodes (for FX) were being affected.


rant/request for improvement:


SOD has an FX area, but of course, no SoA. I know it all works around licensing and what not but in my humble opinion, if you offer the station, SOD should offer it ALL (Series) under TV, not just this and that, and not just partial episodes. (As far as previous seasons, new seasons should remain on the station for obvious reasons.) This is not the first, nor the last time SOD (TV) has or will fail me. It's just a flawed experience in my book.





Ok, I just checked IMDb and "Out" is 57 min long. I should have it all, with 4 minutes to spare, but I do not.