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search fails to find show that's definitely in the guide listing

Question asked by bcb on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by bcb

I've seen this problem before, where you search for a show that you KNOW is in the guide within the approx 2 week window of data, but the search results don't find the show.


here's a specific example.


today is Oct 1. On Sat Oct 12, 10:55pm-1:00 the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix race is airing on TSN ch23.

If I page forward in the guide to Oct 12, I can see the broadcast in the guide view listing.

However if I do a search for the program, I can only find the qualifying and practice sessions which air the day or two prior.


what's even stranger is that depending on how many letters of the name "FORMULA" I search, I see different results.


1) search "FORM" and I don't see ANY entries with Japanese Grand Prix at all, only the Korean Grand Prix which takes place Oct 4

2) search "FORMU" and 2 entries for Japanese Grand Prix now magically appear, but only the practice sessions, not the race on Oct 12

3) search "FORMUL" and the entries for Japanese Grand Prix again disappear, only the Korean Grand Prix is there

4) search "FORMULA" and still the Japanese Grand Prix does not appear at all in the list, only the Korean GP


similar results if I search for "Japanese"

5) search "JAP" or "JAPA" and none of the Japanese Grand prix broadcasts show in the search result, not even the qualifying or practice

6) search "JAPAN"... or anything through the full spelling of "JAPANESE" and the qualifying and practice sessions of the Japanese GP show in the search results, but not the actual race on Oct 12



maybe this failure is related to the fact that the race is on Oct 12, 11 days out from now and somewhere near the end of the guide data window?

anyhow, as I said I've seen other examples of shows that fail to show up, so I can't say for sure if it's related to that or not.