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Broadband 50?  Ya right.

Question asked by mb999 on Oct 2, 2013
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Upgraded to broadband 50 over a week ago and have not seen any change in our internet speeds whatsoever.

when i upgraded, i was told i would see a huge change in speed and that my cisco router could handle it.


No change.  Speed tests at 5am or 5pm are always like before... between 17-19 mbps


I called shaw on my lunch and the helpful tech wanted me to change channels on the router, but i wasn't home so i called when i got home and got a very condescending tech on the phone who rambled on and on about not supporting wifi and i couldn't understand the rest.

i told him he sounded like he knew what he was talking about but that i didn't understand and then he said he wanted me to plug in my laptop hardwired to the router and then he would help.  I don't have a wire so we ended the call.

I am quite angry about this.


I have just looked at shaw's own website and the broadband 50 page say NADA about hardwired connections.  In fact, it states that you can "Stream your favourite TV shows while downloading full HD movies and playing online games on different wireless devices, all at the same time."

so what does he mean?  how would i "hardwire" my iphone and apple tv to the router????    this makes no sense and i'm paying for something i'm not recieving.


I would appreciate some help with this as i'm afraid to call back and get the same guy on the phone who wouldn't help me at all.


i can't even listen to apple tv radio stations in the living room.... it keeps cutting out.  Watching apple tv in the bedroom keeps buffering every 5 minutes.

I had NONE of these issues on Broadband 25.  Isnt' that strange?




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