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My magic PVR

Question asked by stickboy on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

I checked my recording Schedule this morning and found this:


Arrived home by 5:20, in time to see this in my List of recordings:


According to the Schedule, at 5:30 I should have four recordings In Progress. Due to the folders, the List goes off the screen, but you can see in these two shots, that I do indeed have four recordings In Progress!


To the best of my knowledge, this PVR (DCX 3510-M) has only two tuners, not four. So how is it able to record four programs at the same time?


You may well ask, well did it actually record all four? Yes, it did. I just checked, each recording plays.


I should note that when looking at the Guide this morning, Survivor and Back In The Game did not show the little red series recording icon, even though they were listed in the Schedule.

I also tried deleting both Series recordings and resetting them, but with the same results, as you can see above.


So my question, of course, is how does it do this? Also, why?

And finally, how do I stop it from doing it in the future?