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PVR DCX3510-m

Question asked by captron on Oct 2, 2013
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Due to issues listed earlier with an earlier model of a Motorola PVR if recently upgraded to the DCX3510; I have had it now  month or so. I have exchanged one set of issues for another.


The new unit is much better and more modern in presentation and I do prefer it. However:


  1. Sometimes it can take up to several seconds to respond to the RC. In this time you think the remote button didn't hit so you pres again next thing you are several levels in when it finally responds. Frustrating and especially awkward for guests.
  2. The PVR is especially improved but with one huge issue that appears to be SHAW related with respect to how the PVR works. I can't believe the QA assessors missed this or that SHAW employees have not attempted to rectify this:
    • In the old box the ON DEMAND bottom takes you to a very slow screen to update, then you select movies or TV or whatever. Select say TV, and you chose from what channel, then an easy menu for a limited number of sections such as comedy, drama etc, select that and you go to an alphabetical list. Updates of the graphics took up to 10 seconds. Now:
    • The new box is very fast but selections and displays are mostly inaccurate and totally bizarre.
      1. Select TV and the screen has a horizontal scrolling header with many times more selection where it is difficult to fnd anything I am looking for
      2. Chose the first up header which is MOST POPULAR and there is ALWAYS 3 anime cartoon things of foreign extraction. Never do you get the most popular or highest rated shows.
      3. The next header gives you NEW, select this and your revert to the ANIME and most popular
      4. So go the other way and you find ACTION. Sorry but 2 semi-permanent ANIME's does not work for me in this category.
      5. Next comes adventure, and yes today there are 4 choices like African Diaries & Backpacking Australia. Adventure, perhaps, but this not what I had in mind when I selected this.
      6. Next we come to Animation.Pretty much what you expected except no older animation such as Bugs Bunny, currently running and guess what, No ANIME
      7. Next up is ANIME. Same as most popular. Glad they were there arn't you?
      8. Next is Biography. I watched half a program abut a Cdn pilot in WW2 live. Not there when I tried to watch the balance later. At least it gave the origination channel.
      9. Next comes Canadian English, pretty much as you would expect, Cdn shows
      10. Then City, Comedy,
      11. Concert, PPV 1.5 pages
      12. Crime. Crime with one show on it. Give me a break, TV is full of crime stuff. Hawaii 50 is not the only one.
      13. Then DAILY. Only 4 shows listed when there at least 30 on every day
      14. Then Dance. Only one Dance show listed (?)
      15. Then Daytime. 3 Shows, see 11 above
      16. Then Daytime Drama. One show- Queen Latifa??? Argh see 13 and 11 above
      17. Then comes Documentary. 4 pages of stuff. However the selection criteria is nominal. Example why is American Pickers selected for this category?  And others.
      18. Next is DRAMA. It has 2 pages of stuff and yet intermingled are comedy shows (As one example) that can  in no way be classified as "Drama"
      19. Next is EDUCATIONAL: But this could be so must, on this date it says SHAW DIGITAL UPGRADE, it gets 5 stars, whats with that?
      20. Next is EVENT. Only 3 things listed all UFC  PPV(?)
      21. Next is FAMILY. Lots of choice on TV here. Only 3 things listed. A parade, a cartoon and a family program: having babies at home???
      22. Next is Food, about as you would expect, 9, some key programs left out.
      23. Next is Game Shows. Given the preponderance of game shows every week you would expect lots here, but you get 1: Million second quiz?
      24. Next is GLOBAL TV. 1.5 pages of what you would expect including some missing dram, comedy etc from above
      25. Next is KIDS. 3 pages stuff pretty much as expected. No Classic cartoons like Bugs or Popeye
      26. Next is Musical. 7 items, No PPV
      27. Next is Mystery. Many to chose from but only 2 listed: Ghosts and Urban Legends. Are they really Mystery or are the UN-Reality
      28. Next is Nature. Only one listing? Penguins?
      29. Next is NEWS, 3 items, non of news, better called talk show
      30. Next is NONE. 4 pages of Karaoke PPV (??)
      31. Next is Outdoors. 3 channels one is SCAM CITY (??)
      32. Next is Prime time: 2 pages but non of the channels we looked for like 3rd Rock
      33. Next is REALITY TV.  less than 1 page of programming that has become like a virus
      34. Next is Sci-Fi 2 Programs!  Most things wanted here such as Dr Who, Dome etc are missing
      35. Next is SERIES: only 3 items one a lesbian show, another about Rokinitis.(??) Where have all the series gone?
      36. Next is Shaw TV 7 programs, a you might expect, good quality local stuff, but Rockinitis is back
      37. Next is Special interest.What can I say. 6 programs but no lesbian repeat
      38. Net is Sports: More UFC PPV, and bikes. No main sports. Americas cup would be a good oen here as I wa unable to se all the cup races and what I did see was awesome and worth watching again. Nada.
      39. Next is TEEN.  ONE program??? And a cartoon at that. There were more above.
      40. Next is Travel: 5 programs mostly already listed elsewhere in near duplicate titles
      41. Next is WESTERN. What a let down. One program on John Wayne.
      42. And we are back to return and NEWS.