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Why is Shaw insistant on charging me for cable equipment when theyve not provided cable at all in my home?

Question asked by aspearson on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

As soon as the overcharged bill came in less then a week after we received our regular bio,, my husband called right away but the bill came in again with all these extra charges and I'm not impressed..

They were suppose to show up a few months back n hook up cable and fix our phone and the cable guy called right before n asked for a blank check and we didn't have checks on us so he didn't show up!! We still get billed for the broken phone line and have been billed for cable charges and when my husband calls they go on about lost equipment and they might bill us for that too!! The ONLY services we've been receiving is internet,, damn that's a lot of be for a wifi signal...

So my question is why don't they track their equipment n appointments better and not run ahead stressing people out over money we do not owe! Each time we get these bills,, our regular bill came in about a week before... I don't mind paying my bill,, when its the correct amount...