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Dropping internet connection

Question asked by catsdad on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by catsdad

Recently purchase a Samsung laptop and have had nothing but problems maintaining a WiFi connection at home. Have send in in for repair and they have advised me that they can find nothing wrong with the unit and that the problem is in my router.Have included their reply. Using a DPC 3825 router supplied by Shaw. POOR WIRELESS
CONNECTIVITY : Our service depot uses the newly upgraded router model for
inspection and testing purposes.  Wireless reception is perfectly fine and
t drop
at all.  Wireless module on your unit does not show any part
defectiveness.  Per our tech, there are three different types of
routers.  N, G and B.  our router is N type which is a higher speed
router.  Technician wants you to verify with him whether your router is N
type or G type or B type.  If your router is G or B type, your unit won
receive data transfer from these routers fast enough. That is why the wireless
keeps dropping.  One other possibility is a multiple usage of different
laptops/computers/other devices all at the same time.  If your unit is the
latest model, other units which are designed to receive data transfer from G or
B type of router will receive data transfer before your unit.  Your unit
sort of kicked out of the data transfer line

Is the Shaw supplied router not an N, and if not can it be upgraded?