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Interesting, as I start this, I see someone just deleted a PM of mine. First, there were 26, now there are 21 and I didn't delete them!


I read in a message here by mrgbordo (Re: Why I Will Be Leaving Shaw - don't try the link - we can't copy those links - you must search for it.).

Since many of my comments and questions are "removed"  (because the glass is half empty), "because it's"not on topic", I've started this one with reference to the comments that I raised a couple of questions about.


OK. If I read kevind right anyone can set up their own ISP. Do they end up leasing lines from Shaw, or Telus or are they to run their own lines and repeaters to get the "up to..." insinuated rates?


Either way, no one should have to set up their own ISP because neither of the two monopolies can provide what people pay for.  Many of the ISP's leasing lines charge whopping dollars and they don't have cables or phone lines all to themselves. Why?  They have to pay their provider, and themselves. In short, I feel, correct me if I am wrong, that the "other" ISPs are just middlemen middlepersons - in BC, the giants are Telus, Rogers, and Shaw all who lease out lines?


Also, craig.n said "unfortunate side effect of dealing with so many different people. The best examples of similar situations to yours I have seen is customers who will deal with and follow up with a single person." I believe that if one person @ Shaw handled one account and stuck with it to completion, I, and probably others, won't be getting 5 different excuses from 5 different techs, over a 2 years old issue.


Each call/post ends up my having to explain everything all over again, and again, and again until one gets fed up and throws in the towel, while the rest trudge on paying too much for too little for too long.


A while ago, my speed was dropped by Miss Veryrude from 25 to 7.5 and each tech that has been here, tells me a different thing. Then, I viewed my details, similar to what CS get on the screen. The real breakdown of what I'm paying for, not like the summary that hides the questionable charges.  No one could explain all the extra charges. They did some number fuddling and bundledegooping but didn't answer the question.  I'm paying $60.00 a month for internet access. That 60 is what others pay to get "up to...25 mbps".  Someone, recently decided to give me "deal" that I kept insisting I didn't want. I got it anyway. Dropped to 7.5 on the account that HAD 25 - but that "deal" meant 7.5 instead of 25 and nothing else changed. The $60.00 stuck like a 100 dollar bill to a politician!


When I am told I'm paying for "up to 7.5" but get 1, 2 3 4 2 and so on with the odd momentary burst to 20, and the best explanation is that I "ran out of gas", and there is a note now that the rate is not to be changed, well, it kind of irks my ire.

I see too Shaw removed our access to our real billing breakdown - too many catching on?

Until Shaw lives up to it's commitment, I will keep insisting that it be Fixed. Either drop my internet cost or raise the speed. That's not hard is it?  But, I am told that there is no more 7.5. Could that be why I couldn't connect for more than a minute or two without a 'time out' and several retry's?  If, as some techs say, that I am paying for 7.5 why then do others, and bundles after the 'first hit is free' paying 60 for 25?  All along, I've been paying $60.00. Oh well, says Shaw, you have a discount that is factored in. That "discount" is not for having Phone, Internet and TV, that discount was there before and was for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier3. On  Tier 1, was enough, but of those, the good stuff was moved to Tier 2 and fed the interest to upgrade and get Tier 2, then the same happened with Tier 3. That was discounted. Internet was not discounted.

The only time I got Internet discounts is when Shaw had the 'Get a friend' reward where Shaw offered a months free service for each new customer that would switch to Shaw. In every case, of the many I referred, I had to chase each and every reward down, via a number of calls and techs. Then Shaw saw a loss in that, and switched to $25.00 credit. Again, I had to chase those down. A senior tech came here, after two said there was nothing wrong (and I lost two days away from work), and said yes, there is a problem and for your 30 days of grief, "I'm crediting your account".  I had to chase that down as well.  Needless to say, I no longer stick my neck out for Shaw - had too many 'friends' calling me with their problems because Shaw couldn't sort it out! I'm a customer, not a Shaw tech!


Everything could be better if Shaw didn't have a different tech quickly peruse-scanning client file on screen, and while under some pressure to get to the next caller, gets his/er exercise by jumping to the wrong conclusions. Immediately irks some people that the problem is not solved because no one is reading - they scan and multi-task. It's proven that people cannot effectively and properly multi-task. They make too many snap decisions, make quick assumptions all based on a dribble of information.


I am disappointed that Verizon backed out of coming to Canada. The monopolies need the competition. Actually, the customers need the competition!