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Lack of HD Channels on Shaw

Question asked by mitch57 on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

It seems that Shaw is always behind Bell in HD channel offerings.


Channels such as CNBC, HLN News, MSNBC and NFL Network are all available on Bell in HD, all we get on Shaw is Standard Definition which is very hard to watch.


Fox News is also only available in Standard Definition on Shaw, granted Bell only has Fox News in Standard Definition as well. Fox News is the most watched cable news station in the U.S. and yet we are forced to watch in Standard Definition.


It would seem to me that Canadians should be able to watch Fox News in HD, after all it is 2013 and HD is not new at this point.


In fact there are now 4K TV's appearing on the market and we are still having to watch CNBC, HLN News, MSNBC, NFL Network. and Fox News in Standard Definition which is terrible at best.


CNBC, HLN News, MSNBC, NFL Network. and Fox News provide a wide array of views and are legitimate stations we should have in HD, if these where added to the Shaw HD line up I really do think I would need any of the remaining Standard Definition stations.


It would be a HUGE improvement for Shaw to add these 4 news stations to their HD News line up and to add NFL Network to their HD Sports line up.