Ultraviolet digital movies

Discussion created by mpa on Oct 4, 2013
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I posted this in another discussion, but think it deserves its own thread......


If you are looking for good digital movies, I recommend the Ultraviolet system.  It had some growing pains and is still a bit of a pain getting signed up(as you can sign up for many different services and link them).  But has big advantages over iTunes.   Stream via Cinemanow (Bestbuy), Flixster, Vudu (Walmart) .........

- iTunes locks you into Apple, UV lets you stream to all sorts of devices (computers, iPad/phone, android, xbox, playstation etc)

- iTunes gives you limited downloads, UV download as many times as you want.

- you can add your existing dvds/blurays to your digital library (for a fee)

- 6 people can share a linked account and share movies

I love this system.  It's not perfect, but the best out there and getting better.  I do like physical discs still though, but digital is a bonus especially for combining your movie library with 5 other people... wow.