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Old Customer, New account. Extremely Slow connection...again.

Question asked by breydons on Oct 7, 2013
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I recently created a new Shaw 50 account after having a Shaw 100 package.


The issues i'm dealing with with my new Shaw 50 are the exact same as the issues I had with my Shaw 100 package last year.

  • Extremely slow UP and DOWN speeds.
  • Advertised speeds not being remotely met ie. advertised 50mbps receiving 3mbps...
  • Service reps giving crutch fixes without resolving my main issues.


The main fix i've always been given have been modem resets, or direct connection with the modem (which isn't always an option)

If I am advertised a service with a certain mbps I expect to get close to it. I understand that the advertised 50mbps is in a perfect condition scenario, but not even breaking 10mbps regardless of direct or WLAN connection is unacceptable.


What do you propose I do before changing providers once and for all?