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Gateway location

Question asked by souks on Oct 8, 2013
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Hi there,


I just had a Gateway and 2 portals installed yesterday. The tech placed the gateway, modem and portal in the living room under the TV. I asked the tech if the gateway can go into the basement and he said it gets the best signal here. Anyways the gateway is loud.


Is it true that the Gateway signal will vary based on location? Can I move the gateway to the basement? We are in a older house so it has a cable wire from the back lane power pole running into the house. The tech put a 3 way splitter on this line. Upstairs on the jack in the living room he installed another 3 way splitter to the wall jack (1 to gateway, 1 to modem, 1 to portal).


Would I be able to from the 3 way splitter on the incoming line connect the gateway there and then upstairs just use a 2 way splitter for the modem and portal?