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Question asked by bcbennett on Oct 10, 2013
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The 2 primary users of our Arris Gateway (and TV in general) are 65 and 96.

From their seats (10ft away), they are unable to read the small font used in menu descriptions and options....even while squinting.

I had to switch them back to their old Motorola PVR after a week long trial...


While I realise Arris currently does not offer a setting to increase font size...are there any tricks to make the menu zoom in at all?


Can you contact Arris and get their engineers to push an update with a setting that offers a low resolution menu like Motorola already offers (thankfully)? I would rather the seniors of my family could read the menu on the most advanced PVR we own, instead of seeing a pretty interface with text that is small and blurry.