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I also Can't connect to shaw Wifi  when I do connect it won't do anything walk out room were equipment is loose wifi

Question asked by protruckr01 on Oct 10, 2013
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I also can't connect to WiFi remain on it or even download updates this has cost me a lot of money data was used on new iPhone not wifi from shaw equipment after reading on here I am not the only person having issues leaves me some pissed off.

I have repair coming this afternoon if he can't fix this issue I will call Telus get back my equipment pray they give me back the cash I payed Telus to close my account with Telus.

Should stayed were I was truly should have. Dammit all cost me $275.00 buy out my contract with Telus and $60.00 as of last night over Data use because of this screw up. They can't fix this then I am going back to Telus never had one issue except not as good HD viewing as shaw has crisp clean TV. Why won't shaw say hey were having issues credit people waste time. I have reset this so many times still does not work like I said even returned my iPhone 5S thinking that was issue. I never would done that if Shaw customer service and repair had told me other people are having same problem. Now I wait for my Cell provider to locate 5S for me being I returned mine. What a compleat waste my time last 3 weeks have been. I think at this point they should extend my 6 months Free till September 2014 data cost to my Cell plan over usage more then 6 months free AT this point not not good at all.   How many of you having problems please take min message me thank you 


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