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If I wanted to pay $80.00/month for pre-millennia speeds I would go back in time...

Question asked by breydons on Oct 10, 2013
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Created a new account once arriving back to Calgary(Eau Claire area) after the summer (Broadband 50). After doing the regular troubleshooting. still to no avail I am not reaching anywhere near my 50mbps that is advertised. I understand during peak hours that we may experience slower than usual speeds. Slower than usual does not mean an advertised 50mbps getting a maximum of 10mbps and paying $80.00...for service...After rebooting and changing some channel and b/g n settings, I managed to get it to a peak speed of 17mbps. Did multiple tests throughout various times of day and haven't reached any success. I had a mod attempt to aid me, but was cut short after losing contact with him. Attached are my speedtest results that were done.


Can anyone shine some light on my situation or am I better off cancelling a brand new service and switching to a better provider? I'd like to remain a loyal customer, but so far I've been left with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth.


Thank you in advance for your help..