I want to tidy my wiring...

Discussion created by rolyat77 on Oct 11, 2013
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I have the Shaw triple play with phone, internet and 6 portals.


To make a long story short, the wiring is a mess. I have a 3 way splitter that sends one line to a second splitter which sends to phone and internet, and two more wires off the original 3 way off to another splitter, which splits off to the gateway and other splitters that service my portals.


There is so much wire and so many splitter that it won't all fit inside the box inside the wall in my garage any more. I would really like to tidy this up so that it not only looks good but still works well.


Understanding that there is a MOCA filter at the start of the process and another to seperate off to the Internet and phone, what are the largest splitters shaw can provide me with to make this less of a mess? I don't want the signal to drop to the point that none of it works but really would like it tidied up.


Can anyone at Shaw tell me the ultimate setup here so I can go and ask for the appropriate splitters to get this set up properly and so it will still be in good working order?


Again, line in from house - MOCA to splitter, MOCA off that splitter to another splitter for internet and phone, the other two go to an additional 3 spitters, 2x2 and 1x4. It all works but it would really be nice if I could just have one two way splitter to send one side to filtered Phone and Internet and the other side to the 6 portals and the gateway (7connections).