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Youtube loading very slowly

Question asked by yippy on Oct 11, 2013
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In our house youtube videos are loading incredibly slow to the point where we pause for about 1-3 minutes to load around 20-30 seconds of video at unwatchable quality. It seems to be fluctuating so that sometimes it will load a good minute or so of video but then barely load for a few minutes after that. Naturally we did a speed test and downloaded a few things to see if it was the download speed and at first we used which led to the closest server in vancouver, and that showed 0.2mbps download speed so we worried a bit then realized only that server was showing that low, everything else shows around 45-50Mbps (our normal speed) and upload was normal for everything. Not sure if that's related but I figured I would mention that.


Anyways, our actual downloading speeds are normal (around 5-6mbps for each of us), everything else seems to work perfectly fine except youtube. Only reason I post this here is we had an issue last month that got solved relatively fast where youtube wasn't even loading the videos so I just wanted to see if there's any easy fix to this we can try or if it's a widespread issue?


The issue has been happening about a day, and I've tried using other browsers/turning off plugins/etc. but nothing seemed to help at all. I'm not sure if this is related either but we have also had this really weird but super small issue of the internet turning off every 2-3 days or so (usually at around 2-4am) but it's always fixed by just unplugging the router for 30s and replugging so it doesn't bother us too much however I figured I may as well mention it.


Any help is appreciated, thanks


Edit : I guess I should mention I'm not using a router, me and 2 others in our house are connected directly to the modem, everything else is connected via a hub connected to the 4th port on the modem. The modem is a cisco shaw gave us.