more recording failures

Discussion created by bcb on Oct 11, 2013

3 new recording failures yesterday


1) Oct 10 ch101 9:00am - 12:00pm For Your Eyes Only

whole 3 hours appears to have recorded (via progress bar length) but recording always kicks out to live TV at the 32min mark.

can't FF or play beyond that point


2) Oct 10 ch101 11:30pm-2:00am* For Your Eyes Only

based on poor track record of the 3510's ability to reliably record a show, particularly ones over 1hr duration, I always schedule multiple recordings of a single show if I see it is replaying again later, as is often the case with movies, just in case a recording fails (as it often does!). And this was one of the 7 out of 21 recordings that failed out of the Bond marathon I tried recording previously so I thought I'd try catching this missing one again.


Anyhow, this one at first seemed to record ok, but FF'ing through to the end just to check the recording is all there, I notice that the movie seems to end abruptly, ie scheduled recording finished at 2am as scheduled, but the movie didn't look like it was actually at the end??  *then I noticed that the running time 2.5hr was 30min shorter than the 9am-12pm airing that I mention above. So maybe something wrong with the guide for these broadcasts? I'm guessing the movie wasn't actually 3hr long like the earlier airing indicated, but I think it was a minute or two longer than the 2nd scheduled airing allowed


... an aside: a lot of regular series programs I notice seem to miss the last 30sec or so of the broadcast, like the guide is just under a minute off from what the actual broadcast. so often the recordings miss part of the next episode preview that airs during the last 30-60sec of the show. And of course there's no way to manually add 1min to a scheduled recording so this is an ongoing general frustration with the 3510...


3) Oct 10 ch302 7:00pm-11:00pm Canucks vs Sharks game

progress bar length shows the full 4hr scheduled duration, but upon playback the recording kicks out to live TV at the 1hr 27min mark (about half way through the 2nd period).  Strangely enough, unlike ALL the many other instances of recordings that kick out to live TV, with this one sometimes I can FF/play a little bit past the 1hr27 mark but the screen is blank while that happens, but eventually it seems to kick out again.


another failing grade for the 3510's ability to reliably record ...