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Internet keeps dropping severely in speed and sometimes disconnects

Question asked by bebo on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by shaw-lance

So, I've moved to Canada almost 2 months ago and I bought the 50 Mbps package. The first 3-4 days went perfectly fine but then the internet suddenly and randomly started to drop in speed and then pick up really quickly. This is extremely frustrating because I sometimes use the internet for gaming or some other things that require a constant, un-interrupted internet. Even 2 months into my purchase, the problem still persists. I have not fiddled with the router/modem from Day 1 in hopes of not making the problem worse. I have the Cisco DPC3825 that came with the delivery and I was wondering if this is a "normal" problem or if the problem is from my side. I tried calling the Shaw support and they said that it might be because of the pressure I'm putting on the internet. But, even if I'm only using one device, or not, the internet keeps dropping... Any help would be greatly appreciated.