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very frequent ping spikes.

Question asked by kayilled on Oct 12, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2013 by kayilled

my internet for a while has been getting extremely frequent lag spikes when playing any games, spiking up over 1000 ping for 2-4 seconds every 10-20 seconds, it makes it virtually impossible to play games, but doesn't show when i do the Shaw speed test


i've restarted my modem and everything the tech support says when i call them buti feel like they just repeat the same 3 questions and give me an excuse as to why it's my computer.


this happens on all of my computers(3), i've completely wiped my computers clean multiple times in hopes it was just a virus but it is not.


it happens mainly when playing games.


i am directly connected to my modem, and there is no wireless, so no one else is using it. Cisco dcp3825 modem, in north Burnaby area Vancouver BC.