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Problem with Shaw Secure (Mcafee) and multiple logins

Question asked by gharrimoto on Oct 12, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

It appears that at some point in the recent past an update has broken part of Mcafee's software.  If you have multiple users and instead of logging out and then logging back in as a different user, you use the "switch user" function, then Mcafee doesn't run in the new login.  If you try to access the icon for the Mcafee controls, the icon just disappears.  If you try to right click on a file, and scan for viruses, nothing happens.  My biggest concern though, is that my kid's account no longer has parental controls blocking websites, meaning the kids can surf anywhere on the internet.


This wasn't the case when I first setup Mcafee.  I'm not sure when this stopped working, but I've found plenty of references on the internet of others having the same issue, and they suggest Mcafee knows about this.  Can someone from Shaw please put pressure on Mcafee to fix this problem ASAP?


Here's an example of someone else running into this back in April:  McAfee Communities: One computer, two users, Mcafee only...