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Shaw Series recordings fail again :(

Question asked by aldrimus on Oct 12, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by shaw-colin

I set up a series recording for the new show 'Atlantis' on Space... it starts tonight at 6:00 PM. While I was watching the Oilers game... I checked to see if it was scheduled... good thing I did!


Yet again, the series did not schedule to record. It showed the 'broken dash' icon... I checked my scheduled recording... and there is NOTHING else set to record tonight at why didn't it set to record?


I deleted the series recording... and it STILL showed this same icon.


Tried again, got it to clear the icon finally...


Then re-scheduled the series... straight back to broken dash icon...


Deleted series recording AGAIN.... and scheduled to record the show manually for this week.


Dear Shaw... this is at least the 13th time that I have had a series recording fail to work properly with the new menu/system.


Please fix this. It's ridiculous.. the programming for this is so simplistic.... assign each TV show an ID number. User selects a show to record, clicks series. Software searches for that ID and schedules for all recordings for that ID number. Then each time an episode of that show, with the same ID number is added... it automatically adds that to be recorded...


How can this keep going wrong???? We're talking about 1 incredibly basic function... my $25 scientific calculator could handle this function, why can't my HD PVR?