Gateway Guide issues (MP2150 Portal)

Discussion created by raptor256 on Oct 13, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by kevinds

Hi there,


I recently had a Gateway system installed, and its great. I have noticed a couple minor things with the system that I'd like to bring up. I should also say that I was given the new portals (MP2150).


On the guide today all the NFL games appear in the guide just as "NFL Football" until the cursor is placed on that block, then the actual team names are filled in on the block. This happens every time you leave the guide and coma back to it.


There is also a slight font rendering problems in the guide that I see in my system that I haven't seen on others. There are small part of the letters that are displaced from where they should be. The letters aren't rendering smoothly. I am running in 1080i, and I know its not the TV. The other fonts used in the menu system are rendering properly.


And finally this isn't a problem but more of a feature request. It would be great to be able to organize the PVR list by date recorded, instead of just alphabetically.