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New PVR issues

Question asked by d.gruetzman@shaw.c on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by shaw-matt

We are still experiencing issues with the new PVR.  Many of the shows that I record to watch later only causes frustration because the shows skip from beginning to end or stop half way through and then exit out.  This is totally unsatisfactory.  Channel 2, Coronation Street @ 7:30 pm played for 1 minute then it went to 26 mins, skipping from the beginning to end, lastman Standing channel 16 @ 8 pm did the same thing and so did Middle on channel 16 for 8 pm.  The neighbors that is scheduled for friday @ 5:30 pm on channel 85 did the same, and Y and R channel 8 @ 4pm skips and then freezes.  I do not believe there is much anyone can do to correct these issues.  When will the bugs be ironed out?  Wish we had stuck with the older version because we never had any issues with that one.