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Can someone please explain why Shaw gives us the Account History?

Question asked by timmyboy5000 on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by kritiker

I recently had a discussion with Shaw regarding the account history section on my online account.  I asked if I am being charged for an additional outlet.  Shaw assured me that i was not being charged, that they don't do that anymore.  On my account history, there is a $5 charge every month for additional outlets.  I was told that the account history is false and that I can't rely on this, only on the total amount on my bill.  The account history is only for Shaw's accountants to use and not for anyone why do we have access to this, if it is something only for their accountants.  The charges all add up to the totals on my bill, but they cannot explain why they have this on their website, if it isn't even for us (the customer) to see.