multiple series episodes being recorded

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I am getting a similar problem. I just got the Pace 776. The series recording on Fairchild TV are not recording properly There are two separate Chinese soaps that are set to record at 505pm then 555pm (first instance), and then the episodes repeat two or three times more. For the longest time I had no problems but in the last month or so the series recording is set to record two episodes of the same show (in addition to the 505pm one it is also set to record one at 935pm and 1025pm. I've also noticed that the program listings are wrong too. Sometimes the later episode is listed as a past show that has ended.


I have soft booted twice and tried setting the series recording for another channel (Fairchild East vs Fairchild West for example). It was suggested I erase all episodes and the history but that would lose the current episodes I have on the PVR. Any other suggestions or solutions?