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Speed drops in evenings and on weekends

Question asked by kamalhaider on Oct 19, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2013 by [shaw]heather

Shaw Tech Support,

The speed I'm getting is 3-6 Mbps instead of 45+ Mbps. It's been occurring since last two weeks. I live in Red Deer. I'm on Broadband50 and service quality goes down in the evening by 1/8 to1/10th of the service speed and have tired of running the troubleshooting steps again and again. can you anyone explain what might be the reason. I have a screen shots taken in the evenings in last couple of days. All speed tests below were made on wired connection. Explanation was given was it is because of wifi/router issues (upgrade was made) then it was mentioned get a higher bandwidth service (uprgaded from lite then to exterme and now to Broadband50 but the problem persists), then was told that I have bridge the network (then why the speed drops in the evening/weekends and runs fine during the day with speeds of 45+Mbps). I'm frustrated with the results so far. Sr service tech is being called in; lets see if the issue can be resolved. Seems like speed is rationed at 5-6 Mbps in the evening/weekends to avoid network over saturation that is already saturated for my location when talked to friends living in the same neighborhood; I can't say on behalf of the city. It's very frustrating.



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