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Lost connection + proper network setup (Cisco DPC3825 and DIR-645)

Question asked by okenko2013 on Oct 19, 2013
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After recently changing my network setup my connections to the DPC3825 have been dropping. I cannot figure out why since this setup has been working for last few days until now.


Current Network setup:

I am currently trying to set-up new network that uses the Cisco DPC3825 and the DIR-645. I am using the DIR-645 as an Access point since it has better range then the one built into modem.



- the DIR 645,  PC and PS3 are connected to the LAN ports on the device

- the device handles all the firewall, routing, DCHP etc...

- given a reserved ip address for the DIR-645 and PS3

- wireless func. has been turned off


DIR 645

- turned into a Access Point

- the LAN cable connecting to the modem connects to a LAN port on this device (not using the internet port on this device)



I have narrowed the problem down to the DIR645. When i turn off the wireless the connections have been stable. Even then I am not 100% sure since this setup has been working for week. In addition the other odd thing i noticed was that the wireless side had a single MAC address with two IP addresses assigned to it. One is static (doesn't fall in range of IP assigned by router) the other is assigned by router.



1. How can I determine if this is on my side or Shaws side. For what I have seen it is probably on my side?


2. Is there an issue with the way I am setting up my network?


Another type of setup I was thinking of was turning the DPC3825 into modem only (bridge mode). Then use a switch for the LAN connections and the DIR645 for wireless connections.