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tv only gets 1 channel, but when you do a channel scan it picks up zero

Question asked by jelton on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by jackal

but according to the connections(on the tv screen) no signal and or weak signal. brand new tv, and new hd box motorola dcx3200, but on the hd box screen it only lists the time, not even showing the channel it gets Komo tv news which is channel 2 or 200 in burnaby.


configure tv on the tv screen channel source- no signal from hdmi,   source hdmi- no signal detected.


when you try to set up tv via the remote it goes through about 5 or 6 steps then seems to stop, and you can't continue, when it comes to question on tv screen- your provider- you check shaw, then it goes to the iRC question(the cancel part is lit up, and below it is blanked out whether it shows up on your hd box, yes or no.